Adrian Brown                     

 is Tribal Councilman for the VieJas Tribe of American Indians in San Diego, California. Tribal Councilman Brown is also one of the leaders and heads of the VieJas Casino. He talks about his dealings with Casino business, as well as what his position allows him to do and the responsibilities it entails. For example, he is in charge of vocational programs ranging from language preservation to culture awareness and occupational training. Tribal Councilman Brown is in the field on the reservation dealing with social issues and creating and implementing community gatherings. This helps to ensure the Tribe’s wellbeing by bringing all its member together for events that include everything from 4th of July and Christmas events to youth programs such as science events and cultural celebrations, resulting in the bonding of the community’s members.    “Closeness is strength,” as Tribal Councilman Brown puts it. ​

Episode 3 has guests  Graywolf and  Tim Harjo, as well as an animated sketch segment  by  Native American artist Steven Paul Judd.

​a visit to the Chumash Indian Museum 

episode # 202

Tim Harjo                                        

 is founder and C.E.O. of the company NativeFlix.

NativeFlix, as the name suggests, is a company that specializes in streaming Native American and Indigenous themed films, Television shows and content. Tim and his company are interested in any and all productions, old and new, that reflect the Native condition and convey the culture in an accurate and entertaining way, thereby bringing the indigenous voice to movies and productions. He reviews all material submitted and even aids in new productions, thus bringing Native awareness to the public. Tim is also a well educated lawyer, a plains Apache from Oklahoma and a direct descendant of Chief Geronimo.

episode # 303

Episode 1 has guests like David Ortiz and Raven Hernandez. 

Raven Hernandez     

 is a talented musician and the former lead guitarist of the band, “Redbone.” He is also N.A.NOW’s resident, in-house musician/musical director and Jonathan’s co-host. In this first episode of N.A.NOW, we get to know Raven by looking at part of his journey, through clips of a documentary done about him and his musicianship, revealing to all the talent that he is. And, we come to learn of Raven’s magical powers which he utilizes by taking us through the Teepee Portal to wonderful places. First stop, the restaurant Ferretiz Grill & Catering, which specializes in Native Cuisine. ​

Jim Ruel.               

 ​​a set by Native American Stand Up Comedian Jim Ruel. 

​​Jim Ruel is a comedian, writer, and actor. He is an Ojibwe Native American of the Bay Mills Indian Community.  He grew up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin where he spent the first ten years of his career performing in comedy clubs around the Midwest.
He was a finalist in NBC’s Diversity Talent Search which led to his first television appearance on ‘The World Stands Up’ which was taped in London, England. He was also featured on ‘Goin Native: the American Indian Comedy Slam’ on Showtime.
Jim Ruel works in film and media as the Intertribal Entertainment Production Coordinator for the Southern California Indian Center. He recently worked as a production coordinator for the upcoming feature film ‘Four Quarters.’
Jim Ruel is host/writer of the Indiginerd Project video blog on Youtube.

Irene Bedard                    

is a Golden Globe nominated actress. She was nominated for her performance in the mini-series “Into The West.” She has also appeared many film and TV shows including “Smoke Signals,” “Lakota Woman.” She was the voice of “Pocahontas” in the animated film of the same name along side of Mel Gibson, and most recently appeared in two episodes of HBO’s “WestWorld.” But she is much more than an actress. She talks about her time as Native American Delegate to the Whitehouse, as well as Delegate to the United Nations for the American Indian Business Council. She is also a producer and of course a director forN.A.NOW. 

Talk show



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episode # 101

Steven Paul Judd.          

an animated sketch segment by Native American artist ​

​Steven Paul Judd.
Steven Paul Judd is Kiowa and Choctaw from Oklahoma. He is a filmmaker, director, screenwriter, writer of fiction and visual artist. He is a member of the Writers Guild of America and served as staff writer for Disney’s XD Comedy Series, “Zeke and Luther.” Judd’s filmography is large in scope and provides a unique perspective on and from within Native American culture today. His innovative approach provides a glimpse into a world that is familiar to the underrepresented first peoples of this nation and at simultaneously brings about an fresh perspective and understanding among the non-Indian community through humor. Judd’s expansive filmography has earned him many honors and awards across the nation and abroad. The Native American population have embraced his work with an outpour of support and encouragement to continue creating
While Judd is known primarily as a filmmaker, he is also a prolific visual artist whose mash-ups of Native experiences and disposable American pop culture are sly and often downright funny. His creations include paintings, prints, poster art, photography, and t-shirt designs. He was honored to design the 2014 t-shirts for NARF (Native American Rights Fund). And in 2015 he designed the cover art and merchandise for the Native group, “A Tribe Called Red.” His mural “War Paint” can be seen at historic Indian Alley in downtown Los Angeles, and his 2016 limited edition VR cardboard design will be featured at Sundance Film Institute
About Steven Judd, Gyasi Ross wrote, “When all is said and done, Judd will be remembered as ONE of the MOST important Natives of the 21st Century. He will do much to positively affect Native peo
ple’s self-esteem. Huge statement, but I truly believe it.”

​​David Ortiz           

 is the Director the American Indian Movement (A.I.M.) Central Texas Chapter. He brings with him insightful knowledge and the practical mission of A.I.M. particular to his region of the country, and by extension, to that of the rest of the nation as well. He addresses issues such as the beginnings of A.I.M. as being more a spiritual, uplifting source for Native people than anything else, and how today’s A.I.M. seeks to guide Native youth correctly on “The Red Road” in preserving their culture. He also talks about other subjects that the organization deals with, such as homelessness among Natives, as well as substance abuse, helping those Natives in need of perhaps reconnecting with not just their heritage, but with themselves as well. He also touches on such tragic issues as the disappearance of Native woman and the lack of press courage and assistance of such horrific stories. 



 Director of the Southern California Chapter of A.I.M.

He is also curator and guide at the Chumash Indian Museum in Thousand Oaks, California, as well as the lead guitarist of the acclaimed music group, The Graywolf Blues Band. Graywolf is a unique figure in the Native American community of Southern California and well beyond. Through his role in A.I.M., his place at the museum in preserving and educating the public about the Chumash people, and his musical endeavors, Graywolf is able to help the Native community in substantial, permanent and profound ways. A benefit concert for those living in poverty on the Lakota Plains Reservation, for example, to ensure that no one there goes without heat in the winter. Graywolf and fellow Museum curator Alfred Panther, through the use of Ravens magical TeePee, take us on a tour of the wonders of the Chumash Indian Museum and its land, part of an ancient Chumash village.  Lakota propane fund 

Bringing Hope And Change
To Native Reservations
The “matching funds” program is designed to help obtain the minimum delivery amount of propane to families on the Pine Ridge reservation.  Propane season is open Nov 1st and closes April 30th the following year
Here’s an example of how it works:
Before you do anything, you'll want to contact Lakota Plains propane (605-867-5199) to find out what the minimum delivery charge will be, then divide it by 2 to see how much you'll need on your end (see the IMPORTANT INFO at the end of this article).  Then, you'll need to contact us ( anytime between Nov 1st and April 30th, to make sure that there are funds in the account to match. 
If  BICONA funds are available, you would pay half of the minimum amount directly to Lakota Plains propane, contact BICONA and we will pay the other half, to the propane company.
We will need: the address or directions to the home being serviced, the name of the head of household and a telephone number.
If you do not make your payment on the day of requesting it, we will put the matching funds, set aside for you, back into our account the next day.
                                                                     IMPORTANT INFO
Our matching fund amount will not exceed $100.00.  So for example, if the minimum delivery charge is $210.00, we will only donate $100.00... if the minimum delivery charge is $150.00, we will donate $75.00, etc.
The matching funds will be limited to only 1 time per season (Nov 1st - April 30th), per household, as many people are in need, and we want to get to as many families as possible.
“Rockin’ The Rez” is an annual benefit concert established as a means of raising money for, and bringing attention to, deprived Native Indian reservations across America.
"Rockin' The Rez'" wad founded by Thunderwolf (founder/CEO the BICONA foundation and Gray Wolf (chairman of Southern California chapter  of the American Indian Movement).
November, 2010, brought many concerned individuals to the grounds of the Chumash Indian museum (Thousand Oaks, CA), where the very first concert was held for the Lakota people of the Pine Ridge reservation, South Dakota.  The event had several talented musicians perform, including artists from Hawaii and New York, who heard about the event and wanted to help.
To date, the event has brought on stage the two time NAMMY award winning Gray Wolf Blues band, the very talented sound of “Outlaw and the Soul Strings”, the folkadelic “Joee Corso band”, the incredible “No Duh”, a fantastic “No Doubt” tribute band and “The Main Ingredient”, featuring Cuba Gooding Sr. and others.
Proceeds from the concerts have gone to help provide propane for families on the Pine Ridge reservation, to help get them through the harsh South Dakota winters.  But our goal is to be able to provide much more that that in the future. Our services also aim to spill over to other reservations.

Episode two has guests  Adrian Brown  and Actress, Producer, Director  Irene Bedard, as well as a set by Native American Stand Up Comedian   Jim Ruel. 

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